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5080-VDL Boy Afraid Illustrations/Story Text Download (Ready-to-Print PDF)

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Item Number: 5080-VDL

Visualized Story #5080 Boy Afraid Illustrations/Story Text Ready-to-Print PDF Download (3,455KB)

DESCRIPTION: This printable PDF format allows the user to printout the illustrations to use as flash cards, plus lesson text and other materials for preparing to teach the lesson.

PLEASE NOTE: This format is not meant to replace our professionally printed volumes, but to help ministry partners (especially those outside the U.S.) who might not readily have access to the printed materials otherwise. The image quality has been reduced to 72 dpi to make the files more manageable as downloads, while the image size has been reduced to 8½” x 11” for ease in printing.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: This format grants the user to print ONE copy for classroom use (Click here for complete End Users License Agreement). If you need to make more copies for additional teachers, you will need to purchase additional licenses (Click here for additional licenses).

Download Contents

  • 8½” x 11” two-color illustrations and memory verse poster (72 dpi)
  • One-chapter English story text and student activities
  • Memory Verse Tokens
  • How to Lead a Person to Christ
  • Counseling Students for Salvation

Memory Verse: Psalm 139:12

Click here to download FREE sample PDF of the first page of the English text translation for this story.

Click here for tutorials to help you with downloading BVI materials.

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